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Hospitalized patients can easily get lost in the hospital and its departments.
We also know how painful and restrictive it is for patients not to know where to go. The feeling of loss makes patients and visitors stressed. With OpenIndoor, you can provide patients, visitors and staff with integrated indoor positioning solutions that will dramatically improve the hospital experience. This will reduce the time your employees spend on coaching and improve their workflow.
OpenIndoor’s indoor positioning solution can be integrated with your hospital’s positioning application, website, information signage and digital signage. With cross-platform integration, you can ensure that all patients, visitors and staff have a user-friendly and easy-to-use referral solution.
Internal targeting solutions will allow users to search for points of interest and get the best route to their destination. Finding specific services or simply toilets will become easier.
In an emergency, even hospital staff can face referral issues. Even if you know where to go, you usually don’t choose the fastest route. Indoor navigation allows you to optimize the hospital workflow to ensure efficient route planning for all employees.
You can track the location of medical devices and check if they are working properly, OpenIndoor allows you to track them through your smartphone and use GPS solutions in buildings.
All your connected objects will be easily visible and with our indoor GPS solution, you will be able to gain insight into the flow of people and identify the most popular routes through the hospital.

Benefits of inland navigation for hospitals:

Improve the overall patient and visitor experience in your hospital
Better management of hospital devices
Reduce interruptions to medical staff by those asking for directions
Provide the best path for patients, visitors and staff.