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Stations and Airports

OpenIndoor offers tracking and navigation solutions inside stations and airports, you can provide passengers with interior maps and comprehensive routes, allowing them to quickly find their way and thus reduce stress when going. traveling or coming back.
Concerning the stations, the SNCF opened its data by distributing them in the Open Street Map database. This makes possible its exploitation by OpenIndoor in a free way. And so, OpenIndoor offers a GPS-type navigation application for users.
For novice and experienced travelers, airports are stressful. Having to wait at checkpoints or change gates at the last minute can turn a happy experience into a stressful and rushed situation.
In the context of buildings such as airports, OpenIndoor is able to support general services to offer the same type of service to users, as well as services intended for the technical management of buildings (surveillance, fire safety, maintenance, etc.) ).
Beyond interior orientation and internal positioning technology, you can also use our app to notify passengers based on their location in the airport, waiting room or departure lounge.
You will also be able to send them live updates on gate changes and departure time changes. This service will help improve the overall experience at the airport and at stations. 92% of passengers would like to receive a notification on their smartphone in the event of a disruption. In the event of an emergency or other disruptive event, you can use the same function to notify all passengers at once, or in a geographically targeted manner.
When you reduce the stress and time travelers spend looking for routes, you increase the time they spend in stores and restaurants at your stations and airports.

Advantages of interior orientation in stations & airports:

Improve the experience and loyalty of the traveler
Provide the ideal itinerary for travelers to avoid delays
Increase security at stations and airports