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Shopping Centers

After a hard day’s work, you walk into a store looking for a product and you can’t find it.
OpenIndoor’s indoor navigation solution enables its users to easily locate products and provide a great shopping experience in the digital world.
Today, thanks to smartphones, consumers can share their shopping experiences in your store with their families and friends. This will improve their shopping experience in your store and increase the likelihood that they will be loyal to your brand.
We all love to save time so that you can give customers exclusive deals that they will receive on their smartphones, and they can visit your store more frequently to find out what deals and coupons they can get.
Now is the best time to communicate with customers in your store.
With OpenIndoor’s indoor positioning system, you can track the number of people and store information and understand how your users view your store. Understand how your customers move around your store to improve aisle layouts and optimize product placement.

Advantages of inland navigation for the commerce sector:

Improve the customer journey
Increase the size of purchases
Collect information about your customers and retain them
Optimize your store layout
Improve the brand image