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Office Buildings

With OpenIndoor’s interior plans, visitors spend less time finding their way and wondering where they are going.
OpenIndoor supports you, and leaves you in control of your private data. We suggest that you use your AutoCAD drawings or any other already existing formats in order to reduce the work of managing your data. Our interior orientation platform for corporate offices is designed to be as flexible as possible to make it easy to customize and adapt to your needs.
Implementing interactive digital mapping within your corporate buildings can improve work productivity and overall employee satisfaction.
Did you know ? An assigned office has an average occupancy rate of only 60%, and the rest of the time is vacant.
OpenIndoor offers a disruptive solution for the management of shared offices. This new flexible office management will now allow your employees to move freely, take advantage of new collaborative spaces and better manage their daily work. Your users can now view and reserve their office or meeting room locations from their phone.
By installing this type of indoor mapping equipment in the office space, you can ensure that your employees can easily find specific equipment such as counters, meeting rooms, offices, canteens, restrooms or printers.

Advantages of interior orientation of offices:

Improve employee satisfaction
Navigate uniformly from outside to inside
Time saving
Productivity improvement